Hello world!

On a recent car-ride home, an idea was tossed around to start a Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Social group for dogs, their owners and friends.  We had been a large piece of growing a breed-specific group, but had started to branch out to various events with our dog’s friends and their owners and friends.

We had also tired of the same old routine of, we’ll see you at the dog park, etc.  We want to truly socialize ourselves and our dogs.  Lets go to Bark in the Park (Texas Rangers), participate in a local charity walk, take our crew to the Dog Bowl (at the Cotton Bowl) and take a moment out for some food and drinks.  These are just some of the things we did with our pack last year……but we want to do more and have others join us.  We are not shy about travelling.  We have been in Allen one weekend and Fort Worth the next.  The best part (or so I have heard), is we also take pictures at our events (mostly of the dogs).  These allow you to truly treasure the memories and at no cost to you.

Hopefully you share some of the same desires and want to get the dogs out and have them show you how to live…….free and easy.  We also are welcoming those who just want to get out and meet various dogs (and people).  This is where we will differ, we are here for all and will include non-dog owners.  Sometimes people cannot commit to being owned by a dog, due to money, work/life balance, etc or are looking to see what breed might suit them.  We want everyone to be educators to each other and those who share our passion.  We see this as a challenge and hope to meet many more people throughout 2012, as we start this new adventure.

Please visit us here again, as we will be continually updating as this journey progresses.  You can also check us out on FaceBook.  Search for DOGSDFW (one word) and join our group/page.  We are also looking to have a Twitter account, so stay tuned……