DOGSDFW celebrates their 1st month……

Time has sure flown and it’s hard to believe we are only 1 month in to our existence. 

DogsDFW turns 1 month.......

We have 143 members (as of this posting) and are continuing to grow.  In addition, we have celebrated 2 events (Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and the Cedar Ridge Preserve).  We have met a lot of great people and hope that many of y’all can join us throughout the year.  We hope everyone has had a great start to 2012…….we’ll have our next event some time after the Super Bowl, so stay tuned.

Three weeks and our first event.

Here we are at 3 weeks of existence.  We passed 100 “likes” on Facebook and received our business cards, magnets and pens on Friday, our first event was this past Saturday and we just scheduled our second event for next week.

For our first event, we had a total of 6 pack members and their parents.  Check out our Photos page to see all the fun we had at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX.

What a first week!!!

Talk about a hectic first week.  Logos have been designed, the website was launched (including set-up on Facebook and even a Twitter account).  Business cards to help promote the group, magnets created for promotional give-aways and even a few pens, have all been ordered.  We are looking at a banner and some t-shirts to help locate the meet-up organizers, once we get some events scheduled. 

It looks like we will probably set something up for January 21st or 22nd…….most likely a hike or walk.  The location is still TBD, but we are definitely off and running.  We are up to 52 “Likes” on Facebook, which is pretty impressive for our rapid start.  We might need to re-evaluate our yearly goal, as we will probably hit it within the next few weeks. 😉

Have a great week and stay tuned as we get our first events underway…….we can hardly wait.

– Ruff Barker & Pack

A dog’s conversation

Listen, I’m not trying to rock the boat or cause any tension between us. I’m just looking for a lasting friendship, grab a bite to eat and catch a little shut eye.

So let’s clear the air here……I’ll let you have the title as my owner, but we’re equal partners. Secondly, I agree to wake you, in exchange for a little help with the door when nature calls and a full bowl of food and water.

In addition, I know you have lectured me several times on things I have destroyed. They’re still good for chewing on or decorative art in my opinion. Hey, I get bored when you’re not around and the television isn’t really doing it for me.

I can totally understand putting me in that thing you call a crate (I call it my fortress of solitude) when you are gone. It seems you have forgotten that I do not know when you are coming back; if you are coming back or where my next meal or chance to go potty will be……and while we are on that subject, why don’t you walk me more?

Let’s start with a clean slate every day; I don’t have any interest to gossip about you anyways, we’re friends, right?

All I ask is that you protect me from harm and I will do the same for you. Remember to feed me, provide some affection and a safe place to hide while you’re away. Treats are good, but not too many; I’m trying to impress that poodle down the street.

How about some regular exercise and a chance to bond sometime? Oh, and ease up on the leash a little when I’m around other dogs, I can handle myself. Thanks for looking out for me though; we should talk like this more often.