The loss of a pack member

It has been a tough week for us at DOGSDFW.  We lost our beloved 8 year old Siberian Husky, Jasper, on Wednesday.  Jasper had been a relatively healthy pup his entire life and showed his first major health issue (eventually diagnosed as uveitis) after our first event on January 21st, 2012.

While working with the vets to stablize Jasper’s eye issues, we noted a recent loss of weight and cough.  While monitoring him, we noticed his lymph nodes suddenly swelled up.  After a quick visit to the vet for some blood work and an x-ray, it looked like he was moving towards being anemic.  We had testing done on his lymph nodes, expecting the worst.

He had a trip to the dog park, where he got winded after a few minutes and struggled to move around as he normally did…….a day and a half later we had to rush him to the vet,  as he was not responding as normal.  The earlier lymph node testing was back and Jasper was diagnosed with high-grade lymphosarcoma. 

The prognosis was bleak at best.  Unfortunately, the reality was he would have mere months to live if the treatment worked and he would be in constant pain. 🙁

Jasper was brought home to spend the remainder of the day with his loved ones.  He layed out by the pool, snuggled in bed, ate his favorite “special” treat (marshmallows), had some beef broth flavored snow and got lots of hugs, kisses and words of encouragement.

Just prior to heading back to the vet, our 3 other dogs came up to him as a group and said their goodbyes.  This was the most unique experience we had ever witnessed and of course a real tear-jerker. 

To spare you the remaining details, Jasper had been a member of our household since he was 7 weeks old and had celebrated his 8 years with us a mere days before his first noted health issue.  He was a major inspiration for starting this group and we were lucky to have him participate in the first few events.  His memory will live on…….

Jasper: Born on December 1st, 2003                       Passed on February 29th, 2012