FREE Gift from DOGSDFW at the Strut Your Mutt Event

DOGSDFW will be at the Strut Your Mutt event tomorrow, as will some of you…….in order to meet our supporters and pack members, we’d like to make things a little interesting.  Look for the 2 people (man and woman) wearing yellow DOGSDFW t-shirts.  Let them know you belong to the group and you’ll get a FREE DOGSDFW car decal.  Don’t want a decal???  Still come up to say you are a pack member and we’ll have a small gift for you.  Not into free stuff???  Say hi and you can pay for a hug (dog hugs are free). 😛 

No matter what, we want to see and hear from you.  Keep your eyes peeled, after the walk we’ll try to stay in one spot for a bit.

300 “Likes” on Facebook for DogsDFW

114 days into our journey and we have hit the 300 “Like” mark. We are far from done……in fact, we’re just getting started. For those we have met at events or in passing, thank you and we hope to see you as we continue onwards and upwards…….for those who have not had a chance to come out yet, let us know what we can do (or where you would like to see us) to get you involved.

Continue to spread the word, as we started this for the pups and their people.

Pooches & Pals, Village of Bear Creek Dog Park (Euless) and the Fort Worth Stockyards

McKinley eats up the attention

Why is McKinley so happy during a trek to the Fort Worth Stockyards???  Well lets share his daily activities this past Sunday.

DogsDFW headed out to support the Pooches & Pals event & raise some money for a very worthy cause……but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t take a little time out to play too.  We headed over to the Village of Bear Creek dog park in Euless and had a great time socializing (ourselves and the pups).  But why stop there???  We just had to get some dinner in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Six (6) dogs drum up a lot of “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the crowd. 

We spent a lot of time talking to some great people.  The dogs were petted, hugged and photographed by a lot of people……and they loved it.  Plus it was a good way to spread the word about our group.

Did we mention that we ate???  We are still full from our dinner and cannot wait to hit the Stockyards again.

The DFW Siberian Husky Group Joins DogsDFW

Our group was founded off the sweaty paws of our 2 Siberian Huskies (one has since passed, but another has joined our pack) and their need for excercise and socialization. We are happy to announce that DOGSDFW has taken over the administrative duties for the Siberian Husky Meetup group. This provides us another avenue to attract members to our events, throughout the DFW Metroplex.

For any members with a Siberian Husky or Malamute, feel free to check out, which will re-direct you to the meetup group.

If you do not have a husky/malamute, but want a better way to stay informed to our events, check us out and join the group (it is absolutely free). We will be posting the same events on here, and our Facebook.

What’s new with DogsDFW???

March gave us our first dog park event (at Fort Woof), where we used our new banner……but it also gave us a chance to unveil our t-shirts at PoochFest.  We have 4 events currently posted for April.  Check out our Events page and join in the fun!!!